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We are passionate about aviation and related services. We leverage our extensive network of aviation experts and state-of-the-art facilities to create and deliver comprehensive aviation training programs. 

Our revolutionizing aviation training programs provide an unique and unrivalled opportunity to our students to become confident aviators.

Professional Pilot Training

Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) Ground Classes   -   6 to 9 Months

*Air Navigation                   *Aviation Meteorology 

*Air Regulations                  *Technical General 

*RTR(A) Part I & Part II       *Computer Number

*English Proficiency           *Medicals Class I & II

As per IATA, India is a key aviation market for the Asia-Pacific region and the rest of the world and it will continue to see steady increase of air travel demand in coming years. 

Training Programs & Courses

Private Pilot License

Commercial Pilot License

Airline Transport Pilot License

Cabin Crew Training

Cabin crew are on board an aircraft primarily for the passengers safety, welfare and comfort.  

Our Cabin Crew Training will provide you with in-depth knowledge, skills annd confidence to obtain a position of Cabin Crew.

This course also focuses on personality development, enhancing your communication skills, practical training, guidance to CV writing,   assessment test preparation and interviews. 

Total Duration: 4 months 

Airport Ground Staff Training

Ground staff get opportunities in ticketing, security, cargo handling, passenger handling and customer service. 

This course covers Aviation fundamentals, Baggage screening, Queue management, Security hold area, Boarding gate formalities announcements, Arrival procedures, Ramp management, Basic reservations and check-in and Frequent flyer program.

Total Duration: 9 months 

Flight Dispatcher Training

This course prepares you for the role of flight dispatcher. A vital role in the operations center of intense decision making. 

Preflight administration, flight plans, flight briefings, maintaining aircraft schedule, dispatch release forms, communicating with the pilots, weather conditions , airspace restrictions, airport conditions, reviewing aircraft weight, cargo load and fuel loads. 

Total Duration: 6 Weeks 

A320 Type Rating

A Type Rating certification is essential for pilots for their airline career. 

A320 a leader in the market. A320 aircraft are in service with more than 340 operators. Cockpit commonalities shared between A320 family with other Airbus aircraft enables pilots to fly A319 and A321 also.  

Total Duration: 42 days 


Our Partners

We partner with Aviation companies in New Zealand, South Africa, UAE, Maldives and Malaysia

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Feb 1, 2024

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